AstroDidactico - General Information

Our objective is to make Astronomical Science more accesible to people of any age. So, we work in the learning and teaching of Astronomy, facilitating and helping the comprehension of astronomical concepts and their uses in life. In this way:

  • We teach Astronomy with The Galactarium, the first Portable Digital Planetarium in Spain. We can arrive to any place and guarantee the offer of a great spectacular planetarium show adaptable to any age.

  • We distribute astronomical educational tools made by Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. They are the Digitarium® Planetarium System Projectors and the Inflatable Digitalis Domes. Also we have fulldome shows (in English and Spanish) and some specifical fulldome inmersive software.

Inside The Galactarium, projecting some constellations of mythological characters and The Milky Way (by passing the mouse on the picture )


The outside of The Galactarium

Rising of Jupiter seen from the surface of a moon of Jupiter, projected inside The Galactarium


The Galactarium works with a Digitarium Alpha 2 system.

  Please, note that our Spanish Web is more complete. If you want more information and you cannot understand Spanish, please contact us. Thanks.

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